Seventeen year old boys simply love their games and gadgets and want the best of the best tech toys around them. Buying a gift for 17 year old boy who has everything is a challenge. Your seventeen year old boy might be more settled right now comparatively when he first stepped into the the ‘teen stage’ but he will lack the experience when it comes to tackling difficult situations, issues or people. At seventeen, a young boy will most probably have a good set of friends and they are the same bunch of people he will most likely keep even in his adulthood as well. Here are some best gift for 17 year old boy who has everything that can guide you in finding something that he will definitely love!

Ancient History Scratch Off Christmas Gift

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If your boy dreams to travel the world, then this is the perfect gift that you could ever buy. It is basically a large wall map that features prints of some of the famous ‘early century explorers’. The boys can even scratch off the places they have visited. This is the perfect gift than could be given on graduation, birthdays, anniversary or other important occasion for a boy who just loves to explore. This map will look splendid when displayed in your boy’s bedroom. He can improve his geography as well.

Game of Phones

This on the other hand is a party game for more than one player. Teens these days are literally glued to their smartphones rather than interacting with others, therefore, this game is perfect for them to become more social (even with the phone). The deck of cards basically features different challenges that all the players must complete (before deciding who the winner is). Few of the challenges include finding your oldest photo or your best selfie. This game is super fun for groups. This game is a great way to improve your communication skills as well.

Boys RC Boat

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Remote Controlled boats are the perfect gifts for seventeen year old boys. The famous Aqua RC speed boat is an amazing product with some cool in built features. This boat is more suitable for a teenager who has never owned an RC boat before as it is super easy to control.

Apart from these you could also include gift for 17 year old boy who has everything like Teens Drone, Vintage canvas backpack, squashed board game and many more.