Best Turkey Price Roundup – updated as of 11/20/19

Best Turkey Prices: Post Updated Weekly with Best Deals in Puget Sound area!

Best Turkey Prices: Post Updated Weekly with Best Deals in Puget Sound area!

Best Turkey Prices, Coupons & Deals

Once again, I’m rounding up the best turkey prices at grocery stores I’m finding (Seattle/Tacoma area). As I’ve tracked turkey prices for years now, you’ll notice that in some cases I’ve left notes on prior years’ pricing.

I also addressed the question “what’s a good price for a turkey?” which you might find helpful to read when considering these deals. That post has been updated for 2019, so it’s a great place to start!

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Last updated: Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

*New for 2019* I’ll also be adding some other grocery store chains to this list in case you happen to not be local to the PNW. If there are any stores you’d like to see on this list, please leave a comment and let me know!

Fred Meyer Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Fred Meyer has released their 2019 turkey pricing: $0.49 per pound with a $50 minimum purchase. Additionally, you can get a FREE turkey when you spend $150 or more (limit 1 per transaction).

Last year’s price was just a little less – $0.47 per pound (which was also the 2017 price).

This year Fred Meyer has partnered with Home Chef for their premade holiday meals. Unfortunately, with this partnership comes a price hike – up to $70 (last year was $59.99 and in previous years was $49.99).

The kit serves 6-8 and includes a ham, turkey, or smoked turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, homestyle mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, 12-ct King’s Hawaiian Rolls, and a 10″ pumpkin pie. This is two more sides than last year’s meal deal, which probably justifies the price hike. You can order online, call ahead, or see a deli associate to place your order.

QFC Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* QFC has released their 2019 turkey price. This price is identical to last year: get a frozen Jennie-O Turkey for $0.67 per pound with a $25+ purchase.

However, the deal gets a bit better: you’ll save $10 off your total purchase of $75 or more when you buy a frozen Jennie-O turkey in your transaction. What’s not clear to me: if the $10 off is at the point or sale OR a Catalina coupon that can be used on your next order. Either way, this could be a very solid deal and worth considering if you normally shop at QFC.

In 2017, QFC offered $0.47 per pound with a $20 minimum purchase.

This year, QFC is offering similar meal deals to Fred Meyer (see above). However, they’re also offering a boneless ham or boneless turkey dinner for $55 (serves 6-8).

So instead of a 7-9 lb bone-in ham, you’ll get a 3-4 lb boneless ham; and instead of a 10-12 lb bone-in turkey, you’ll get a 3-4 lb boneless turkey. All the other sides are the same. That seems like a pretty good deal to me!

WinCo Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Once again, WinCo will be offering a free turkey with a $100 purchase from now through Thanksgiving. This is a Grade A frozen turkey (excludes premium, fresh, and Butterball). There is a limit of one per family, displayed marked cases only.

Please note that brands may vary from store to store and limited to stock on hand. This is identical to their 2018 deal. You can read more about this HERE.

In past years, WinCo has also pledged to beat their competitors’ advertised prices of select holiday items. I’ve not seen an update on this for 2019. WinCo seems to flux somewhat on their turkey pricing year over year and store to store.

I’ve seen lots of different reports come out of WinCo, largely because each store’s pricing and selection is often in direct response to local competition.


And…it’s back! WinCo is once again offering their holiday dinner for $49.98 + tax! As far as I know, this hasn’t been offered for a few years now, so it’s great that it’s back!

Here’s what’s included (serves 6):

  • Butterball Whole Cooked Turkey (10-12 lb)
  • Reser’s Homestyle Stuffing
  • Reser’s Green Bean Casserole
  • Reser’s Creamy Mashed Potatoes
  • Reser’s Homestyle Gravy
  • Reser’s Cranberry Orange Relish
  • 8 inch Pumpkin Pie
  • 12 ct King’s Hawaiian Rolls
  • Reusable WinCo Foods Bag

Albertsons Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Safeway and Albertsons have released their 2019 turkey price. This year, you can get a FREE frozen turkey with a $150 grocery purchase (limit 1) OR $0.49/lb with $50 grocery purchase (limit 1). This is identical to last year’s price and offer.

For 2019, Albertsons is offering a turkey dinner for $59.99. This is the same price as 2018, but $5 up from 2017, and another $5 up from 2016. You can find the same price at Safeway.

Here’s what’s included: 10-12 lb. Fully Cooked Turkey, 48 oz. Mashed Potatoes, 30 oz. Traditional Stuffing, 14 oz. Cranberry Sauce, 24 oz. Gravy; serves 6-8. (Last year’s deal included Hawaiian rolls; it looks like those are not included this year.)

If you live in another region (other than Western Washington), do take a peek at your ad first! You might find your store is running another deal.

Safeway Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Safeway has released their 2019 turkey pricing. I just evaluated this deal in the Albertsons Turkey Price section above (so just head to the Albertsons section above).

For 2019, Safeway is offering a turkey dinner for $59.99. This price is unchanged from 2018.

Here’s what’s included: 10-12 lb. Fully Cooked Turkey, 48 oz. Mashed Potatoes, 30 oz. Traditional Stuffing, 14 oz. Cranberry Sauce, and 24 oz. Gravy; serves 6-8. (Last year this same meal deal included a dozen King’s Hawaiian Rolls, but it looks like those aren’t included this year.)

If you live in another region (other than Western Washington), do take a peek at your ad first! You might find your store is running another deal.

Target Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Target has released their 2019 turkey pricing. This week (through November 23rd), you can buy a Market Pantry frozen turkey for $0.49/lb (limit 2). (Notice how the fine print is hidden underneath the Butterball pricing?) These are good at Target stores with fresh grocery departments only.

If you’d like a Butterball frozen turkey, this week it’s $0.89/lb on sale, limit 2. Last year’s price on Butterball frozen turkey was $0.99/lb. It’s always good to see a price drop!

This is truly a fantastic price, especially since there’s no additional purchase required. If you just want the turkey and don’t mind which brand you get, Target is the place to go this week! Even if you already have your Thanksgiving turkey, you can still head in to Target and pick one up for another time.

Also this week: shop on Saturday or Sunday (11/23 or 11/24) to get a $10 gift card with your food and beverage purchase of $50 or more.

Trader Joe’s Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Trader Joe’s just released their 2019 prices and they are holding pretty consistent from past years. You can buy All Natural Brined Fresh Young Turkeys (12-22 lbs) for $1.99/lb and All Natural Glatt Kosher Fresh Young Turkeys (12-16 lbs) for $2.99/lb.

All Natural No Antibiotics Ever Brined Fresh Young Turkeys (12 – 16 lbs or 18-22 lbs) for $1.99/lb and Glatt Kosher Turkeys (12 – 16 lbs) for $2.99/lb.

The price for the brined young turkeys has hold steady since 2014 (!), and the price of the kosher birds has hold steady since 2017. Additionally, this year you can buy an Organic Free Range Young Turkey (10-16 lbs) for $3.49/lb. This price is also unchanged from last year.

For more information, please visit Trader Joe’s. I consider these prices decent given that they are specialty turkeys.

Costco Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* It appears that Costco is sticking with their long-held turkey price once again this year.

They’re continuing to offer fresh young turkeys at $0.99/lb. This price has been pretty darn stable since I started tracking Costco turkey prices (about 2013). This is a very good price for fresh turkeys, particularly because Costco does not require additional purchase. Also, note that these are FRESH turkeys, not frozen.

Grocery Outlet Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* There is a new turkey coupon for Grocery Outlet this week. It reads: take $10 off your turkey with a $30 purchase (the $30 excludes the price of the turkey). This coupon is valid through 11/28.

With the coupon, that is as low as $0.59 per pound. (To compare, the 2018 price was $0.57 per pound.) You can get this coupon from their ad, which is also available on their website. Also, sign up for their email newsletter and you can get a $3 off coupon.

Acme Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Spend $100 in a single transaction and use the in-ad coupon to get a FREE Signature Farms or Jennie-O Grade A Basted Frozen Turkey (10-22 lb. avg.).

Aldi Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* The Aldi turkey price for 2019 is $0.87/lb for a frozen Butterball Whole Turkey (10 – 22 lb, limit 2). This is a fantastic price per pound for Butterball if you have an Aldi store near you. I especially love that it doesn’t require any additional purchase, coupon, etc. to get this price.

Aldi also has a frozen antibiotic free whole turkey for $1.19/lb.

Cub Foods Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Cub Foods has their Essential Everyday frozen turkey for $0.79/lb with in-ad or digital coupon, limit 1.

And if you want Cub Foods to do the cooking for you, they’ll do that, too: their Traditional Turkey Dinner serves up to 8 and is priced at $89.99. It includes a 10-12 lb turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry orange relish, King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls, and a pumpkin pie.

Fareway Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Get a FREE Fareway Broth Basted Turkey (up to 14 lb) when you purchase $50 or more from Fareway’s fresh meat counter. They have some good prices on meat this week ($2.99/lb for ground beef, $1.49/lb for chicken breast) that will help you reach the $50 threshold.

Fresh Thyme Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Fresh Thyme has their fresh whole turkey (not frozen) for $0.97/lb while supplies last. They also have slightly more expensive options if you want just the turkey breast, organic, etc.

They also have several options for holiday meals you can order online, including a roasted whole turkey dinner with six sides for $69.99 (serves 6-8).

H-E-B Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* H-E-B is offering a free turkey (up to 12 lb) with in-store coupon when you buy a select ham. If you want a larger turkey, the 12-lb turkey credit will apply toward the price of the larger bird.

Hy-Vee Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* At Hy-Vee you can get a FREE Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey (10-14 lb) with purchase of a Hormel Cure 81 Boneless Ham (priced at $3.99/lb). Get your meat for Thanksgiving and Christmas in one trip!

This Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey has a regular price of $1.39/lb, making this a savings of up to $19.46 (assuming a 14-lb bird).

And of course, you can order your turkey dinner online and have Hy-Vee do the cooking for you! Their Traditional Turkey Feast serves 8 and is priced at $89.99. It includes a Butterball turkey (10-12 lbs.), two large sides of mashed potatoes, turkey gravy (32 oz.), 12 dinner rolls and your choice of two large side dishes.

Meijer Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Shop the 4-day sale this weekend to get a Meijer frozen turkey for $0.33/lb with additional $25 purchase. If you want a different brand, they’re also offering a Honeysuckle turkey for $0.69/lb and/or a Butterball turkey for $0.99/lb, both with additional $25 purchase.

Sam’s Club Turkey Price

I haven’t yet visited my Sam’s Club to see the in-store price, but they do have the Member’s Mark Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey, Fully Cooked priced at $1.98/lb (available in-store only, but you can check the price online). All you have to do is heat and serve this one!

And while Sam’s Club doesn’t sell turkey dinners specifically, they do have a suggestion for a Feast for 10 for $45:

  • Member’s Mark 100% Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes (4 lbs.) – $5.98
  • Member’s Mark Pumpkin Pie, Frozen (36 oz.) – $4.68
  • Member’s Mark Yeast Dinner Rolls (36 ct.) – $5.98
  • Organic French Green Beans (2 lbs.) – $5.48
  • Member’s Mark Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey, Fully Cooked – $1.98/lb (up to $31.68)

You will need to add condiments and fixings and your traditional favorites, but I think this is a great place to start if you’re on a budget.

ShopRite Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Spend $400 from October 28th to November 28th to receive a free turkey or ham. Note that you’ll need to use your Price Plus card to be eligible as the card will keep a running total of your purchases.

Walmart Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Walmart has their Butterball Frozen Whole Turkey priced at $0.98/lb. The best news? This price is available for Walmart Grocery Pickup, too!

Their ad states that other frozen whole turkey brands are available at their low price which will vary by store.

Use the coupon code TIMEBACK to get $10 off your first grocery pickup or delivery order online. Pickup is free and requires a minimum order of $30.

Weis Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* Earn 400 Weis Rewards Points by 11/28 and you can redeem them for a free turkey or a discount on other holiday favorites.

Whole Foods Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* My local Whole Foods has their 365 Everyday Value Frozen Turkey priced at $1.29/lb this week for Prime members. I’m not sure what the price will be for non-Prime members. This turkey is Animal Welfare Certified.

If you want Whole Foods to do the cooking for you, they have a Classic Roast Turkey Dinner for 4 priced at $79.99, among other meal deals.

Winn-Dixie Turkey Price

*Updated for 2019!* This weekend (11/15 – 11/17), get your turkey for $0.39/lb when you spend $30 or more at Winn-Dixie. If you can’t make it during the weekend, it’s still a great price ($0.49/lb) the rest of the week.

They’ll also price match any locally advertised Grade A Frozen Turkey price; just bring in the ad with you when you shop.

What other stores or places should I be keeping an eye on this year for deals? Which kinds of deals appeal to you most when it comes to buying a turkey?

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